About me

For anytime, anywhere ACTIVE PEOPLE.

My name is "Hugo", I've been a personal trainer for 7 years now and there is not other thing I get most excited about than when I am able to watch my clients making a positive change in their life, achieve their goals and feel better with themselves.

I enjoy working with most type of clients, specially those who need help with Weight Loss, Functional Training for Older populations, new & reintroduction to exercise from all ages.

After Covid-19, the way to deliver my services had to evolve from the busy & packed indoor commercial gym to a Boutique gym, Outdoor, Home & even Zoom personal training sessions to accommodate the different needs all of us have, specially these days in time.

Lastly, I have a Fitness Australia personal trainer registration which provides my clients with a peace of mind when it comes to receiving up to date and best quality service standards. 

If you or someone you know is thinking about giving Personal Training a chance but not really sure, feel more than welcome to take the first step to a BETTER you by contacting me and letting me know a little bit more about yourself and find out if I am the right trainer for you.